New Launch

Coatex introduces a new generation of bio-based dispersants for Paper & Board applications

Coatex, a world leader specialized in rheology part of the Arkema group, introduces Spersio™ P, a new range of bio based dispersing agents.

Spersio™ is born from the major R&D expertise of the Arkema group in bio-sourced products and the experience of Coatex in Paper and Board industry with Rheology modifiers and Dispersing agents.

Spersio™, range of bio-sourced dispersing agents

Used as dispersant:

  • High performance to disperse all minerals used in paper industry, coarse clays and calcium carbonates even TiO2
  • Prevent sedimentation
  • High stability

Used as additive:

  • Allow homogeneous dispersion of your coating colors
  • Decrease high shear viscosity to limit scratches and streaks
  • Reduce significantly aggregates to avoid / to prevent filtration issues

Spersio™ P : A unique range of bio based dispersants

They invite you to find out more about Spersio™ P with:

  • A lower viscosity at low temperatures
  • The reduction of agglomerates with an extended operating window

The Coatex Paper & Board team invites you to discover through a short video all the unique benefits brought by the new Spersio™ range. It can be seen at their website

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