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High Impact Sootblowing System (HISS™) for pulp mills and power boilers

High Impact Sootblowing System (HISS™) as a solution for lower environmental impact for pulp mills and power boilers. 

During the last few years, their optimized steam sootblowing technology HISS™ has been gaining momentum in central and northern Europe. The acceptance of the technology following the proven results and several other benefits on boiler operation has now started in both North America and Southeast Asia.

Heat Management has recently received the first order of HISS™, High Impact Sootblowing System in North America. The project objective is to increase renewable power generation and process availability. This is achieved by sootblowing more often, with less steam, which is a cost-efficient way of improving plant efficiency. The plant suffers from availability issues related to the wear of heat transfer surfaces. The patented HISS™ solution will significantly reduce the wear, increase the reliability and heavily reduce maintenance costs related to the wear of heat transfer surfaces caused by condensate in sootblowing steam.

The order received for the recovery boiler system in South East Asia is to save steam and make operation more sustainable. The excess steam will be used in the mill process and for additional renewable power generation. HISS™ doubles the cleaning capacity of the existing steam soot blowing system, allowing the customer to operate the boiler at higher loads for longer periods. The flexibility of the HISS™ system allows for both steam savings and increased cleaning capacity, which is a true game-changer for this industry.

We now expect more pulp mills in both North America and Asia to also start plans for investments in High Impact Sootblowing technology.

“We can already see that 2021 will be a year of both sales records and important strategic steps,” says Ulrika Reimer CEO of Heat Management.

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