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Preserve the quality of paper, tissue and non-woven reels, thanks to automated packaging

By Andrea Ruggiero, A.Celli

In today’s highly specialized and competitive market every little mistake can undermine the success of a company. 

The standards required are always higher: in addition to aspects such as production speed, accuracy in order fulfilment and punctuality in deliveries, great importance is obviously given to the quality and integrity of the final product. What solutions to adopt, therefore, to guarantee the high standards required by the market while optimizing process costs?

Among the answers there is certainly process automation, starting from production and coming to the handling, labeling, packaging and warehouse management operations. Often, due to errors during one of these final stages or during transport, the packs of reels delivered may not meet the customer’s quality standards, despite the high quality of the product supplied. All this can lead to complaints or the loss of future orders, with an impact in both economic and brand reputation terms.

The final packaging process plays a fundamental role in protecting and preserving the paper, tissue or nonwoven reels so that they arrive at their destination in the same conditions as they left the production line. So let’s see how and why an automatic packaging process can help you preserve the quality of your products.

How to preserve the quality of the reels thanks to automatic packaging

The packaging process involves a series of steps – transporting the reel from the production line to the packaging line, labeling, composing the reel bundle, applying the protective film and possibly palletizing – which can be crucial to preserve the quality of the reels or to ensure their integrity during transport to the end customer.

Using automatic packaging and reel handling systems it is possible to:

  • Eliminate or significantly reduce the risk of contamination: reels can be moved along the various stages of the packaging process by means of conveyor belts or Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and manipulated by means of robots, minimizing interaction with operators or surfaces that could cause contamination.
  • Greater precision and consistency of the packaging process: compared to manual operations, an automatic packaging system allows you to create uniform and resistant packaging without wasting resources, as the machine uses exactly the amount of protective material required from time to time while ensuring a consistent packaging quality.
  • Greater quality control during the entire process: an automatic packaging system can be integrated with the product control systems of the upstream line, allowing the tracking and segregation of any defective reels. It is also possible to check the quality of the reels produced, identifying any errors or discrepancies and correcting them before packaging and shipping.
  • Guarantee of compliance with the customer’s packaging needs: by integrating the packaging system with the customer’s ERP it will be possible, among other things, to ensure the perfect compliance of the packs obtained with the specific needs of the end user. In addition, the packaging system will automatically take care of printing and applying the necessary labels, avoiding another possible source of complaint.

A.Celli R-WAY® Automatic Packaging System

A.Celli offers a modular, flexible and highly customizable reel handling and packaging system, adaptable to any layout and to any production line, but above all capable of preserving the quality of your paper, tissue and nonwoven reel packs until they are delivered to the customer.

The quality of the reel can be constantly monitored thanks to the integration with the DMS (Defect Management System), the defect management system present on the winding and packaging equipment. It will be possible to integrate the DMS with the defect inspection system, allowing their tracking, analysis and removal thus avoiding the sending of non-compliant reels to the customer.

When it comes to the risk of contamination, it can be eliminated thanks to various specific solutions offered by A.Celli, such as the use, when required, of stainless steel surfaces for trolleys and belt conveyors or Teflon-coated rollers, in addition to use of robots able to reduce the number of interactions between reel and operator.

The A.Celli automatic packaging system can also be integrated with various ERPs and is able to provide structured access logs and tables in which production orders and details of the individual reels and bundles processed can be stored, also ensuring perfect alignment of operations with the customer’s packaging recipes.

Finally, A.Celli offers, among the various options, its iREEL solution: a reel data tracking and archiving system that allows you to keep the detailed history of the product, certifying the quality of both the final reel and of the entire value creation chain.


Automatic packaging systems can help your company thrive in the paper, tissue and non-woven industry by preserving the quality of the products made and reducing time and costs, ultimately allowing you to offer your customers exactly the products they desire.

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