New Launch

Valmet launches the sixth generation of its Residual Measurement to further optimize the bleaching process

Valmet has launched the sixth generation of its proven design Valmet Residual Measurement (Valmet Polarox6).

The new features will further optimize the bleaching process by optimizing bleaching chemical addition, protecting process equipment, and improving measurement and control accuracy.

The updated Residual Measurement is equipped with the Valmet Bridge user interface, a touch screen control platform that is today a standard with Valmet sensors. With comprehensive diagnostics and Valmet Industrial Internet ready capabilities, Valmet Bridge user interface provides an intuitive access to transmitter operation and Valmet’s remote services.

“This update ensures the longevity and advanced connectivity of our industry standard Valmet Residual Measurement for all pulp bleaching applications,” says Timo Laurila, Business Manager, Pulp and Energy Analyzers, Automation Systems, Valmet.

Technical information about Valmet Residual Measurement

Valmet Residual Measurement provides immediate information about bleachability when installed before the bleaching tower. It is based on pre-chemical consumption (feed-forward), allowing for a fast response to adjust chemical addition controls.

When installed after the bleaching tower, it measures the residual bleaching chemical, providing accurate feedback for chemical dosage control and process equipment protection.

The sensor improves measurement and control accuracy by eliminating under- or overdosing of bleaching chemicals. It ensures the exact chemical dosage for lignin removal and brightness control, resulting in chemical savings and better quality of fibers. Additionally, the operation is safer due to no excess residual.

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