Voith announces necessary price adjustments for few products

Voith announced that it has to make price adjustments in the paper industry. One of the many impacts of the global pandemic is the enormous cost increases in many industrial sectors, such as raw materials, packaging and transport.

The company stated in a release that it was able to offset this development through various measures, thus managing to avoid significant price increases for its customers. However, given the current market situation, Voith is unable to compensate all increased costs any longer. It is therefore forced to make price adjustments for some products and services in the paper industry.

Prices will increase between 2.8 percent and 4.2 percent in the product areas of paper machine clothing, shoe press sleeves, roll covers, mechanical roll service and doctoring solutions. Voith will announce further details in autumn. The new prices will then be applied to newly placed orders.

Voith stated that its target remains unchanged: to support its customers and business partners with leading expertise, outstanding service and innovative products and solutions – in an increasingly complex and challenging business world.


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