JMC Paper Tech : To fulfill the need of customers

JMC Paper tech Pvt. Ltd., leading manufacturer cum exporter of Pulp & Paper mill machinery. Keen expert in applying state-of-the-art technology to provide cost effective custom designed-solutions to fulfill need of customers. 

An exclusive interview from Mr. Rajni A. Patel, Chairman & Managing Director of JMC Paper Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Paper Market : Please explain about your company and its operations in India.
Rajni A.Patel
: JMC Paper Tech Pvt. Ltd, An ISO 9001:2015 Certified company & leading manufacturer cum exporter of Pulp & Paper mill Machinery. Paper Plant Manufacturing is our Family Business Since 1972. JMC started its first manufacturing facility in the era of 20th century by Renowned Mechanical Engineer as well as a professional industrialist Mr. Rajni A. Patel (Founder & CMD) of the company.

We are having our workshop at newly developed Industrial area of GIDC- Sanand having 10000 sq. meters of working area-built with a vision to meet all international standard & facilities for innovative working, using the state of the art machineries. At Present, JMC PAPER TECH PVT LTD- is India’s one of the largest paper machine manufacturing companies in private sector, its existing capacity is to manufacture upto 500 TPD (2/3/4/multi-wire) paper plant with Top Dewatering Unit on turnkey basis.

PMK : What are all your basic & premium products for current market?
: JMC is the Pioneer & specialized in 2/3/4/Multi- Fourdrinier Technology. Our customer is the core of JMC’s business philosophy, all our resources are focused on adding value for our customers through our total systems capability. In 2019, JMC had produced the first ever Top Dewatering Unit in our Region.

PMK : How your company or/and products are benefiting your customers?
RAP : JMC is providing the less maintenance machinery with total plant operation- assistance & consultancy for getting better results from the paper machine supplied by us & also providing the manpower for the paper machine erection/ commissioning & production team training. JMC is also providing technical assistance for the existing plant modification.

PMK : What is your recent/new product launch?
RAP : Recently, JMC had took the initiatives like “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and “Vocal for Local” & developed a Pressurized Headbox & Steel Dryer Cylinder with optional internal machining & grooving. Generally, it is imported from China. But, JMC can offer the Best In-House manufactured products, which will give the best performance- for which it is designed. In this way, JMC manufactured Products will lower the import in the current market. It will be beneficial in terms of long delivery period, easy availability & lower the overall product cost, easily availability of sales & service for the same.

PMK : What are all the innovations/advantages of your products?
RAP : JMC supplied Paper Machines are capable of using the least electricity consumption & restricting the steam & condensate system equal or less than the standard consumption.

PMK : What is your future target on market shares/business expansions/anything related?
RAP : The Indian Paper Industry accounts for about 1.6 % of the world’s production of paper & Paperboard. In India, Paper production is expected to see an average growth of 7 % during the next years. In 2015, JMC was started with the production area capacity of 5000 sq. Meters & recently, JMC had expanded its production area capacity up to 10000 sq. Meters. Still, JMC had open area of approx. 5000sq. Meters for Future Expansions in case of production capacity enhancement. In 2023, considering the market requirements, JMC is also planning to expand their existing plant by adding extra 5000 sq. meters more.

PMK : What are your challenges in Indian Market?
RAP :  The challenges mainly we facing are- Imported material from abroad. JMC is strongly following the “Local for vocal” initiative & looking forward for the best alternatives/ options for these imported materials, which will be greatly help us to provide the best qualitative products with lower cost.

PMK : What are your other markets?
RAP : We are a complete solution of pulp & paper industry under one roof. We also do complete turnkey projects up to 500 TPD Paper Machine including Paper machine production & workers Training program. We also do contractual maintenance of paper plant and machinery with after sales & service, erection & commissioning of total paper plant. We had supplied the total paper plants in Iran, Uganda, Ethiopia, etc. Hence, you can say that, JMC is having International Footprints in all over the world like- South Africa, Ivory coast, Uganda, Kenya, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, UAE, Qatar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Indonesia, Jorden . We can proudly say that 60 percent turnover of JMC is coming from Export Sale only.

PMK : How is your market in India & its growth?
RAP : The paper market is expected to grow 7 per cent per annum. Studies have shown that the growth of paper consumption changes from linear to exponential trends once the GDP growth rate crosses the double digit mark. Analysts often draw comparisons between the growth seen in bottled drinking water and tissue paper industries. Even if one assumes an average 9% GDP growth rate in the medium term, linear extrapolation suggests that by 2025, the country will consume over 24 million tons of paper.

PMK : Tell us about features of your production facilities.
RAP : We are having State of the Art & Imported latest technologies like- high precision heavy duty CNC Boring Machine, CNC lathe machine, Fabrication & Machining facility with SS cladding, MIG/TIG welding, Over dimension Job manufacturing machining and handling capacity up to 80 ton, Strict quality control & inspection during manufacturing and also after completion. Large & Clean working floor with best Housekeeping.

PMK : What is your mission & vision?
RAP : VISION – To leverage the Potential of our immensely experienced team and new age technology to develop an Industries leading organization in the field of paper manufacturing machinery.
MISSION – To satisfactorily server all our clients by providing them with the most advanced paper manufacturing machinery, while being committed to our uncompromising commitment to quality, safe and positive environment for valuable employees and associates.

PMK : What is your long time goal in the Industry?
RAP : We are serving the Paper Industry since 1972. It is our lone responsibility to serve the industry & keep ourselves updated with the latest trends & technologies. JMC has the Technical collaboration with M/S. Papcel Group & M/S. SLMC, they are sharing their expertise & technology with us & helping us to give better results than before. Recently, we had manufactured the Top Dewatering Unit for the first time in our region, for one of our earlier supplied Duplex board machine with a view to capacity enhancement. Just like this, we are evolving with the time & trying our level best to serve the paper industry with latest & cutting edge technology.

PMK : What is your company’s culture & values given to your employees?
RAP : We had started our Journey in Paper Industry in 2002, from there- our employees were the main support of our organization, they stood up with us & gave their maximum efforts to the company. Because of this & team work only, today JMC is the one of the leading paper machine manufacturers. JMC celebrates every Festivals with all the employees, so that they can develop great bond & every month, they are being appreciated with Employee of the month & Appreciation Certificate. We are arranging occasional get-together & having lunch/dinner, Movie Nights, etc. JMC also plans for various Industrial visits with all the employees. JMC have its owned Staff Busses for the employees & workers for their transportation from their homes to the office.

PMK : What is your contribution to the society?
RAP : Besides the Industrial profile of our Company, JMC does so many works like Snacks Distribution at an Old Age Home at Shelavi district in Gujarat on 22nd date of every month since past 5 years. They are also taken to religious tour on 22nd March every year. JMC is also working with the initiative of green environment works like Tree Plantation in surroundings of the office area, usage of solar energy, etc. JMC is also taking part in works of well causes like Blood Donation, Clean India, etc.

PMK : Is there any special quality certifications and achievements?
RAP : JMC is certified by various Certification organizations like Bureau Veritas & ICRA limited.

PMK : Any awards / Appreciations for your products & company from any govt. / private institutions?
RAP : JMC had received various awards & appreciations from various organizations & private institutes like, IOCI (Indian Organization for Commerce & Industry), Glory of India International Award, Excellence in Technology for Paper Machinery Manufacturer in India from IARPMA (Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association).

PMK : Future business plans?
RAP : JMC had a Tripartite Collaboration with Czech giant paper machine manufacturer, M/S. Papcel & Chinese calendar & Coater manufacturer, M/S. SLMC (Shashi Light Machineries Company). JMC has a view to extend the manufacturing capabilities & serve the worldwide clients with low cost & qualitative work with less delivery period.

PMK : Do your company have any voluntary associations / trusts to help public?
RAP : JMC is involved in many social activities like employee engagement, community clean-ups, tree planting, environmental friendly packaging, using solar energy, etc. considering them as a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities). All these activities helps the public & clean environment.

PMK : What are your company’s principles/ Motto?
RAP : Our motto is “Sound Quality, Sound Engineering”.

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